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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Campaign for Learning 3E 2002 UKgb-10
Building London Creating Futures 3E 2002 UKgb-11
LearnEast 3E 2002 UKgb-12
Construction Development Partnership 3E 2002 UKgb-14
EDEN 3E 2002 UKgb-21
Family Learning Works 3E 2002 UKgb-26
ACORN (Adaptive Capabilities for Organisational Renewal through Networks) 3E 2002 UKgb-3
Gloucester Community Learning Development Partnership 3E 2002 UKgb-30
i - WORK 3E 2002 UKgb-32
Learning Kitchen 3E 2002 UKgb-38
Lifelong Learning/Active Ageing 3E 2002 UKgb-40
Workforce Futures Partnership 3E 2002 UKgb-54
West London Equal Development Partnership 3E 2002 UKgb-65
Scottish Workforce Empowerment for Lifelong Learners 3E 2002 UKgb-70
Building Opportunities through Workplace Learning 3E 2002 UKgb-8


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