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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Common Ground Development Partnership 1A 2002 UKgb-13
Cornwall Inclusive Learning Partnership 1A 2002 UKgb-15
Creative Renewal 1A 2002 UKgb-18
BetterCup Childcare 1A 2002 UKgb-20
Embracing Diversity 1A 2002 UKgb-22
Equal Partnership - City Pride 1A 2002 UKgb-23
Forward 1A 2002 UKgb-27
PRISE 1A 2002 UKgb-31
IMPACT- Innovation Means Prisons And Community Together 1A 2002 UKgb-33
Kent Equal Employability Partnership (KEEP) 1A 2002 UKgb-36
Leeds e-Employability Development Partnership 1A 2002 UKgb-39
Action for Carers and Employment (ACE National) 1A 2002 UKgb-4
NewLIFE (New London Initative for Ex-Offenders 1A 2002 UKgb-44
Positive Futures - The Way Forward 1A 2002 UKgb-46
Refugee Women's Empowerment Partnership 1A 2002 UKgb-48
SEQUAL 1A 2002 UKgb-50
TheNow! Partnership 1A 2002 UKgb-60
TyneWear Employability Development Partnership 1A 2002 UKgb-61
Voices Without Frontiers/Community Media DP 1A 2002 UKgb-64
EQUAL Access 1A 2002 UKgb-74
North East Wales EQUAL-Cyfartal Partnership 1A 2002 UKgb-75
Development Employability Equality Partnership (DEEP) 1A 2002 UKgb-76


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