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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Multiculturalism as a resource in a working community 1B 2002 FI-13
Development of teachers' multicultural competence - Culture Laboratory 1B 2002 FI-14
Mundo 1B 2004 FI-54
Romanies out to work 1B 2004 FI-55
PROMENIO Third Sector Labour Professionals 1B 2005 FI-56
How to initiate into multiculturalism in a working place, Petmo 1B 2004 FI-58
MANU - Vocational training and competence based qualifications for immigrants 1B 2004 FI-59
Open doors for life-long learning and occupational future for Roma 1B 2005 FI-60
Monita - Artists from Many Cultures 1B 2004 FI-61
Appelsiinipuu- Equal-projekti maahanmuuttajanaisille 1B 2002 FI-7
Southeast Beacon - Model for immigrant work and employment in small localities 1B 2002 FI-8
Multicultural Recruiting and Learning - MORO 1B 2002 FI-9


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