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Title Theme Year DP Id.
AKIU, Participant oriented integration 1A 2002 DK-1
Målretning af integrationsindsatsen i kommunerne 1A 2001 DK-10
Recognizing differences - Meriting Resources 1A 2002 DK-11
Equal Gender Distribution in the Labour Market for Engineers 4H 2002 DK-12
Diversity and Social responsibility 4H 2002 DK-13
Youth, gender and career 4H 2002 DK-14
SOS-MX Social and Health Mainstreaming Experimentarium 4H 2002 DK-15
EQUAL Partnership 3E 2002 DK-16
The Vision Partnership in Denmark 3E 2002 DK-17
The extended tutor function 3E 2002 DK-18
KMAI 3E 2002 DK-19
The whole family at work 1A 2002 DK-2
want2work 5 2002 DK-21
Help without detour - the direct road to employment. 1A 2002 DK-3
The Network 1A 2002 DK-4
Shehrazade 1A 2002 DK-5
Welfare models and integration strategies in Europe 1A 2002 DK-6
Vasco da Gama 1A 2002 DK-7
Outsiders-Insiders-Employment-Partnership- Aarhus 1A 2002 DK-8
PAV 1A 2002 DK-9


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