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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Knowledge for Innovation 3F 2004 UKgb-100
TATE - Through Assistive Technology to Employment 1A 2004 UKgb-101
CREATE Diversity in Employment 1B 2004 UKgb-102
REALISE - Real Employment and Livelihood in Social Enterprise 2D 2004 UKgb-103
Elearn 2 Work 3F 2004 UKgb-104
What Makes The Difference ? 1A 2004 UKgb-105
RESET 1A 2004 UKgb-106
OPEn HoUSE 1B 2004 UKgb-107
Ascend 1B 2004 UKgb-108
Changing Directions 2C 2004 UKgb-109
BEST Procurement 2D 2004 UKgb-110
Celebrating Enterprise 2C 2004 UKgb-112
Thresholds 1A 2004 UKgb-113
Inclusion Through Media 3E 2004 UKgb-114
London Workforce Futures 3E 2004 UKgb-115
Midlands Engineering Industries Redeployment Group Ltd (MEIRG) 3F 2004 UKgb-116
SIED - Supporting Inclusion in Enterprise Development 2C 2004 UKgb-117
Cement 3E 2004 UKgb-120
Minority Businesses - Diaspora Interchange 2C 2004 UKgb-121
INSPIRE 2D 2004 UKgb-123
The Last Mile 1A 2004 UKgb-124
Cultural Shift South East 2D 2004 UKgb-125
ECUBE 3E 2004 UKgb-126
Beyond Face value 1B 2004 UKgb-127
SEASY (Social Enterprise Action South Yorkshire) 2D 2004 UKgb-128
South West Opportunities For Older People 3E 2004 UKgb-129
Progress GB 3E 2004 UKgb-130
EVOLVE 1A 2004 UKgb-131
VISAGE 1A 2004 UKgb-132
Common Ground - Breaking New Ground 1A 2004 UKgb-133
Ensuring Positive Futures 1A 2004 UKgb-134
Equal Brighton and Hove 1A 2004 UKgb-135
JIVE(Joining Policy+joining practice) 4H 2004 UKgb-136
Business Creation Partnership 2C 2004 UKgb-137
EXODUS 1A 2004 UKgb-138
STRIVE Strategic Vision for Engrepreneurship for London South Central 2C 2004 UKgb-139
Tackling Multiple Disadvantage in London by improving employability 1A 2004 UKgb-140
IMPACT 1A 2004 UKgb-141
GEL- Governance, Empowerment and learning 3E 2004 UKgb-142
Audio Visual Entrepreneursip 2C 2004 UKgb-143
Refugee Access into Suistainable Employment (RAISE) 1A 2004 UKgb-144
AGORA 2D 2004 UKgb-145
ASPIRE (Asylum Seekers Pursuing Integration, Refuge & Empowerment) 5 2004 UKgb-146
C3 'A Credible, Competitive and Confident Social Economy' 2D 2004 UKgb-147
Fresh Futures in Financial Services 1A 2004 UKgb-148
Ready For Action 1A 2004 UKgb-149
Haringey ASPIRE DP 5 2004 UKgb-150
Older Workers Employment Network (OWEN) 3F 2004 UKgb-151
Sussex Promoting Equality and Diversity 1A 2004 UKgb-152


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