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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Employability Access Project 1A 2004 UKni-10
Possibilities 4H 2004 UKni-11
Helios 4H 2004 UKni-12
Reachout Programme 1A 2004 UKni-13
Employment for Autism 1A 2004 UKni-14
Engage 1A 2004 UKni-15
Women in Rural Areas and Investment in Self-Employment 4H 2004 UKni-16
Diversity Works 1A 2004 UKni-17
Beyond Caring 1A 2004 UKni-18
Promoting Opportunities for Inclusion in Social Care Employment 4H 2004 UKni-19
Women In Non-traditional Sectors 4H 2004 UKni-20
Supported Employment in Action 1A 2004 UKni-21
KEY Project 1A 2004 UKni-9


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