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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Knowledge for Innovation 3F 2004 UKgb-100
Elearn 2 Work 3F 2004 UKgb-104
Midlands Engineering Industries Redeployment Group Ltd (MEIRG) 3F 2004 UKgb-116
Older Workers Employment Network (OWEN) 3F 2004 UKgb-151
Worklife Adaptability Partnerships (WAP) 3F 2004 UKgb-164
ASAPH 3F 2004 UKgb-171
Engaging Diversity Partnership 3F 2004 UKgb-173
Adjust the Balance 3F 2004 UKgb-86
Cutting IT 3F 2004 UKgb-87
Skills Analysis 3F 2004 UKgb-90
Demonstrating the Business Case for Diversity and Flexible Working 3F 2004 UKgb-98


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