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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Changing Directions 2C 2004 UKgb-109
Celebrating Enterprise 2C 2004 UKgb-112
SIED - Supporting Inclusion in Enterprise Development 2C 2004 UKgb-117
Minority Businesses - Diaspora Interchange 2C 2004 UKgb-121
Business Creation Partnership 2C 2004 UKgb-137
STRIVE Strategic Vision for Engrepreneurship for London South Central 2C 2004 UKgb-139
Audio Visual Entrepreneursip 2C 2004 UKgb-143
ICONs 2C 2004 UKgb-162
Equal Enterprise Scotland 2C 2004 UKgb-163
Cyfenter2 Development Partnership 2C 2004 UKgb-181
Euro Enterprise Evolutions 2C 2004 UKgb-78
Trading Up 2C 2004 UKgb-89
CREATE + (Creating Equal Access to Enterprise) 2C 2004 UKgb-96


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