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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Training Centres for Craftsmen 3E 2001 CZ-14
Regional centre of adult education 3E 2001 CZ-15
Flexible Workplace 3E 2002 CZ-17
Support of Roma in Prague 3E 2005 CZ-34
Competencies for Labour Market 3E 2005 CZ-43
Increasing adaptability of disabled persons - ADIP 3E 2004 CZ-44
For the Full Life 3E 2005 CZ-45
Implementation on the Labour Market of Children Growing Up in Institutional Care 3E 2005 CZ-46
Facilitation of lifelong education in rural conditions. 3E 2004 CZ-47
Partnership for Romany success on the labour market 3E 2005 CZ-48
Regional Competencies On Sustainable Employability 3E 2004 CZ-49
Deep-laid regions 3E 2004 CZ-55
Third Career 3E 2005 CZ-72


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