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Title Theme Year DP Id.
DP9 1A 2005 IE-22
You're EQUAL 1A 2005 IE-23
Carlow EQUAL Employment Programme 1A 2005 IE-24
WAM Willing Able Mentoring Programme 1A 2005 IE-25
Legal Education for All - LEAP 1A 2005 IE-26
KWCD Employer Exchange 1A 2005 IE-27
Education 4 Employment - E4 1A 2005 IE-28
Tallaght Equal Assists 1A 2005 IE-29
EQUAL Youth 1A 2005 IE-30
Longford EQUAL Development Partnership Ltd 2C 2005 IE-31
Point 2 Point Enterprise 2C 2005 IE-32
EMERGE 2C 2005 IE-33
Clare Life Long Learning Network 3E 2005 IE-34
EQUAL Ireland - Life Long Learning Project 3E 2005 IE-35
MITE - Meath Investment in Training and Employment 3E 2005 IE-36
Senior Select Retain and Retrain 3E 2004 IE-37
EQUAL at Work 3E 2005 IE-38
e-QUALITY THROUGH e-Work 3F 2005 IE-39
North West Alliance for Improving Working Lives 4G 2005 IE-40
Leadership Initiative - Females in Trade Unions (LIFT) 4G 2005 IE-41
Transition Supports Project 5 2005 IE-42
Roma Cultural Mediation Project 5 2005 IE-43


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