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Title Theme Year DP Id.
The way to enterpreneurship (TWaEn) 2C 2002 CZ-10
Partnership for network "Start-business-centres" 2C 2002 CZ-11
NEW CHANCE 2C 2004 CZ-33
DELTA 2C 2004 CZ-36
Setting up a system of support for women entrepreneurship development 2C 2004 CZ-38
New chance 2C 2004 CZ-39
Zaměstnej sám sebe 2C 2005 CZ-40
The Support of rural unemployed 2C 2004 CZ-41
Active seniors support 2C 2004 CZ-50
Mercury 2C 2004 CZ-51
Medial 2C 2004 CZ-52
Heart of Bohemia and charity social services in the countryside 2C 2004 CZ-57


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