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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Adaptor 1A 2005 FI-39
The Coach (Koutsi) 1A 2004 FI-40
Bottom Up 1A 2004 FI-41
JoinUs (Messiin) - working against multireasonal marginalisation 1A 2004 FI-42
TARU II 1A 2004 FI-43
ROM-EQUAL 1A 2004 FI-44
Opinto-ohjauksen kehittäminen nuorten syrjäytymisen ehkäisemiseksi 1A 2004 FI-45
VaSkooli - Development of an Education and Training Guarantee System 1A 2004 FI-46
Dyslexia service and advice centre (Lukineuvola) 1A 2004 FI-47
Opequal 1A 2005 FI-48
WORKING TOWARDS THE FUTURE (Työtä tehden tulevaa kohden) 1A 2005 FI-49
PoMo - Path with own mentor 1A 2004 FI-50
JOBSIS (Jobrotation mainstreaming, Sister - mentoring, Sister - empowering) 1A 2004 FI-51
ID - Inclusive Diversity 1A 2004 FI-52
The Link (LINKKI) 1A 2004 FI-53


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