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Title Theme Year DP Id.
WHOLE – Work and Home in Our Life in Europe 4G 2005 EE-10
Increasing the Readiness of the Estonian Society for Integrating Asylum Seekers 5 2005 EE-11
Connected Services for Integrating Young Mothers into the Labour Market 4G 2004 EE-12
Models of Distance Working for Estonian Islands 4G 2004 EE-13
RE-START 1A 2005 EE-2
Children Taken Care of, Mothers at Work 4G 2005 EE-3
Flexible forms of training and work 4G 2004 EE-4
Development of Multifunctional Care Service to Enhance Employment 4G 2004 EE-5
Integration of Women Involved in Prostitution into the Labour Market 1A 2005 EE-6
Development and Application of Farmers` Replacement Service 4G 2005 EE-7
Handicapped People Employed In Co-operatives (HAPECO) 1A 2005 EE-8
Re-integration of Compulsive Gamblers into the Labour Market 1A 2005 EE-9


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