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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Alliance for Communities and Enterprise (ACE) Development Partnership 2D 2002 UKgb-1
REALISE - Real Employment and Livelihood in Social Enterprise 2D 2004 UKgb-103
BEST Procurement 2D 2004 UKgb-110
INSPIRE 2D 2004 UKgb-123
Cultural Shift South East 2D 2004 UKgb-125
SEASY (Social Enterprise Action South Yorkshire) 2D 2004 UKgb-128
AGORA 2D 2004 UKgb-145
C3 'A Credible, Competitive and Confident Social Economy' 2D 2004 UKgb-147
Black Country Communities in the Lead 2D 2004 UKgb-153
Social Economy Scotland 2D 2004 UKgb-155
Powys Equals Partnership 2D 2004 UKgb-174
EQUIPE 2D 2002 UKgb-24
Social Enterprise East Midlands - SEEM 2D 2002 UKgb-51
Solent Community Development 2D 2002 UKgb-53
Support for the Social Economy in the Eastern Region (SSEER) 2D 2002 UKgb-55
Thames Gateway Development Partnership 2D 2002 UKgb-56
The Social Enterprise Partnership 2D 2002 UKgb-59
Strengthening the Scottish Social Economy 2D 2002 UKgb-71


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