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Title Theme Year DP Id.
CREATE Diversity in Employment 1B 2004 UKgb-102
OPEn HoUSE 1B 2004 UKgb-107
Ascend 1B 2004 UKgb-108
Beyond Face value 1B 2004 UKgb-127
Empower Scotland 1B 2004 UKgb-158
CREATE - Co-operating for Racially Equal Access to Training and Employment 1B 2002 UKgb-16
Curiad Calon Cymru 1B 2004 UKgb-182
Knowledge Centre on Black and Minority Ethnic Businesses (KCBMEB) 1B 2002 UKgb-37
London East and North Refugee and Asylum Seekers (LENRA) DP 1B 2002 UKgb-42
Linking EQUAL Access for the Disadvantaged and Excluded Refugees (LEADER) 1B 2002 UKgb-43
Social Inclusion through entrepeneurism in Europe 1B 2002 UKgb-52
The "ici" Partnership 1B 2002 UKgb-57
Working Broadband GB 1B 2002 UKgb-67
Bradford Equality Employment Project (B-Equal 1B 2002 UKgb-7
Ethnic Minorities Participating On Wider Economic Responsibilities (EMPOWER) 1B 2002 UKgb-73
Professional Refugees Into Employment Through Support, Training, and On-line... 1B 2004 UKgb-79
Contribution of Ethnic Minority Employees to UK Small & Medium Sized Enterprises 1B 2004 UKgb-84
Healthcare ESOL Developement Partnership 1B 2004 UKgb-88


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