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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Meeting the Future 1A 2002 SE-10
Focus-Social companies in Kaevlinge 1A 2002 SE-13
Better release - the release from prison as a change of culture 1A 2002 SE-16
Praxis New arenas for teleworking 1A 2002 SE-19
Exit! - From prison to social cooperative 1A 2001 SE-21
Resource Exchange 1A 2002 SE-24
EmBa Empowerment in Baronbackarna 1A 2002 SE-28
World cultures in focus/ Advantage Goteborg-Varldskulturen i centrum 1A 2002 SE-29
School@work 1A 2002 SE-32
Mobility - a right for all 1A 2001 SE-37
Iftiin Network Europa 1A 2002 SE-38
Access - Access to workinglife and education 1A 2002 SE-42
Towns together 1A 2002 SE-51
Rehabilitation of traumatised refugees in sparsely populated areas 1A 2002 SE-52
Diversity in Vasternorrland 1A 2002 SE-57 1A 2002 SE-58
SUCCESS Partnership for successful rehabilitation in rural areas 1A 2002 SE-60
Outstanding 1A 2004 SE-65
DiskrimineringsRelaterad Ohälsa på Personlig och Institutionell Nivå 1A 2004 SE-66
Make your future 1A 2004 SE-67
Holistiskt arbete i idéburna organisationers regi 1A 2004 SE-70
UP New City 1A 2004 SE-71
Romer i Sverige från syd till nord 1A 2004 SE-73
UP SALT 1A 2004 SE-75
Lika olika 1A 2004 SE-76
Vägar till arbetsmarknaden genom utbildning och socialt företagande 1A 2004 SE-77
Samverkan mot trafficking 1A 2004 SE-87


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