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Title Theme Year DP Id.
People - Partnership for Equal Opportunities and Lifelong learning 3E 2002 SE-1
Kista Open Academy 3E 2002 SE-11
Key-forces 3E 2002 SE-12
Normgiving diversity 3E 2002 SE-14
An accessible society for all 3E 2002 SE-17
Libra 3E 2002 SE-23
Diversityfaces 3E 2002 SE-26
The Umbrella project 3E 2002 SE-30
Local After School Technology Center / Kommunal teknikskola 3E 2002 SE-31
Homosexuals and Bisexuals in the Care System 3E 2002 SE-33
Real diversity 3E 2002 SE-34
Life-long learning within the food chain in Scania 3E 2001 SE-35
Diversity as the Human Resource Philosophy 3E 2002 SE-36
Developing Diversity for the Swedish Industry 3E 2002 SE-4
Using benchlearning to improve efficiency in DP 3E 2002 SE-50
Fair - FutureAdjusted Inclusive Recruitment 3E 2004 SE-63
FIRE 3E 2004 SE-69
Tillgänglighet och professionell integrerad scenkonst 3E 2004 SE-72
Under ytan 3E 2004 SE-74
Akademien för flexibelt lärande i arbetslivet 3E 2004 SE-78
ESMEC 3E 2004 SE-79
1+1=3 3E 2004 SE-82
Rural Renewal 3E 2001 SE-9
Life competence - a plus for 50+ 3E 2004 SE-91


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