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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Adventure@Work 1A 2002 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/001
RE-IN+45 1A 2002 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/002
Triple E Networks 1A 2002 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/003
VIVES 1A 2002 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/004
Dienst inzake rechtstreekse tussenkomst op de tewerkstelling 1A 2002 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/005
COMPASS 1A 2002 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/006
City Workspace 1A 2002 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/007
jobsustaining network 1A 2002 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/008
MUST : Monitoring and Uniform Screening Technology 1A 2001 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/009
E-quality Career Time (Internationaal: Opportunities 4eU) 1A 2002 BEnl-01/EQ/1.A/012
AMBISYS 1A 2005 BEnl-1
ODILE 1A 2005 BEnl-2
co-navigate 1A 2005 BEnl-3
United Colours of Nursing 1A 2005 BEnl-4
Plug-in gaps 1A 2005 BEnl-5
Analfabeten en inburgering 1A 2005 BEnl-6
JANUS 1A 2005 BEnl-7
INDICATE 1A 2005 BEnl-8
Labourformeighbour 1A 2005 BEnl-9


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