Tasha de Vasconcelos, ambassador of the European Year, will be at the Paris Ethical Fashion Show

Ethical fashion show logo

Ethical Fashion can contribute to fighting poverty. The 2010 European Year is a partner of the seventh edition of the Paris Ethical Fashion Show, which will take place from the 25 to 28 September 2010.

Fashion makes people dream, whatever their social or economic background. But fashion is an important part of the economy: it’s also about employment, industry and job creation. The Ethical Fashion Show, since its beginnings in 2004, aims to be a catalyst for sustainable development and social justice. It brings together designers from all over the world, who create while respecting those they employ, the environment as well as local traditions and customs.

The 2010 European Year has set up a partnership with the Paris Ethical Fashion Show and the second day, Sunday 26th September, is dedicated to how the fashion industry can contribute to the fight against poverty and social exclusion. Tasha de Vasconcelos, top model and ambassador of the 2010 European Year will be present. As a top model and involved in humanitarian work, her presence at the Ethical Fashion Show is fitting.

On the 26 September, the Fashion Show is open to the general public. There will be two round tables on the integration and social cohesion potential of fashion on two themes:

  • Fashion, a catalyst for social inclusion
  • Fashion: stimulating dialogue, integration and social cohesion

The 2010 European Year ambassador has undertaken special missions for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund in South Africa, served as Goodwill Volunteer for UNICEF and worked with with UNAIDS. In 2009, she was nominated as the first ambassador of the Pasteur Institute. Furthermore, Tasha de Vasconcelos founded the AMOR Association (Aide Mondiale Orphelins Réconfort) in 2006, with the support of Prince Albert II.