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Thematic milestones:

  • Official inauguration of EY 2010 in Poland pl
  • Women and poverty in the Eurobarometer Suvery - Conclusions for Poland pl
  • Roma People in Poland pl
  • May as the month of EY 2010 activities in Poland pl
  • Even the smallest puddle reflects heaven - Jasiek Mela - the EY 2010 ambassador pl
  • Emilian Kaminski - Ambassador of EY 2010 pl
  • Try to do something. It's worth it pl
  • Breaking the intergenerational transmission of poverty pl
  • Central Statistical Office analysis - Poverty in Poland pl
  • Social welfare as a way to combat poverty and social exclusion pl

National Implementing Body: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy; Department of Social Assistance and Integration

Address: Nowogrodzka 1/3/5 PL - 00-513 Warszawa

Tel.: 48 22 661 11 12 or 48 22 661 12 77


Committee member: Ms Anna Prekurat, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy