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Thematic milestones:

  • Childhood and poverty PDF nl
  • Social Inclusion Games the Netherlands 2010: the games word nl
  • National co-funded projects nl
  • "Almere doet mee" PDF nl
  • Journalist Award PDF nl
  • Poverty manifest PDF nl
  • Social exclusion and children's leisure PDF nl
  • Shared expectations PDF nl
  • Singing festival PDF nl
  • Social Alliance PDF nl
  • Poverty in the Netherlands PDF nl
  • Seminar in Leiden PDF nl
  • Shared expectations PDF nl
  • Closing conference PDF nl

National Implementing Body: Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment; Agentschap SZW

Address: Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 52 2595 AN Den Haag

Tel.: 31 70 315 21 91


Committee members: Mr Roger de Boer, Ms Heidi de Bodt-Kloosterziel, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment