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Thematic milestones:

  • Poverty in the EU dk
  • Women and Poverty dk
  • Roma dk
  • People with disabilities dk
  • Copenhagen is the poverty capital dk
  • Find the way out of gang crime dk
  • Healthy diet and exercise at eye level with drop-in center users dk
  • Herning takes on prejudices against marginalised groups dk
  • In Hedehusene hopes of security dk
  • Jobcenter staff counteracts marginalisation dk
  • Kids get a new perspecitve on school in Rudersdal dk
  • Social integration through self help dk
  • University College Lillebaelt fights social inequality dk
  • The poverty year has shown the face of poverty dk

National Implementing Body: Ministry of the Interior and Social Affairs; Unit of Family, Civil Society and International Affairs

Address: Holmens Kanal 22 - 1060 København K

Tel.: 45 33 92 92 88


Committee member: Mr Rune Kamstrup, Ministry of Social Welfare