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Belgium List of National Co-funded projects

EY 2010 Belgium national launch event video clip

Media Alert EY2010 Journalist Award in French

Media Alert EY2010 Journalist Award in Dutch

Video : Lutte contre la pauvreté - De Strijd tegen armoede

CPAS contre la pauvreté - OCMW's tegen armoede

Country feature of Belgium

Young Europeans together against poverty - ATD Fourth World

Watch the CEV event clip: Volunteering as a means of empowerment and social inclusion. A bridge between the European Years 2010 and 2011

Event clip

Launch of FEANTSA's Ending Homelessness Campaign

Watch the video of the Closing Conference

Thematic milestones:

  • Hadja Lahbib's interview fr nl
  • Bread Baking event 20 August fr nl
  • National co-funded projects fr nl
  • Roos Van Acker: "Let's not keep poverty quiet any longer" fr nl
  • Streetworkers United fr nl
  • Women Agora fr nl
  • Children, youngsters and the elderly fr nl
  • Opinion article Roos van Acker fr nl
  • Culture and education fr nl
  • Roma fr nl

Nationale Durchführungsstelle: Dienst zur Bekämpfung von Armut, Prekären Lebensumständen und Sozialer Ausgrenzung; FÖD Sozialeingliederung, Armutsbekämpfung, Socialwirtschaft und Politik der Großstädte

Adresse : 138 rue Royale 1000 Bruxelles; Boulevard Roi Albert II 30 1000 Bruxelles

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Ausschussmitglied: Ms Elise Willame, FRS Sécurité sociale