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Journalist Award


National winners

EU level Winners

The European winner and two runners-up will be chosen by a jury made up of European experts in the field of poverty and social exclusion as well as editors or journalists.
The awards ceremony will take place at the 2010 European Year Closing Conference on 17 December.

More information on the selection criteria.

Audiovisual winners

T. Herrero and E. de las Heras 1st place: "A school for hope" by T. Herrero and E. de las Heras shown on RTVA Canal Sur (Spain)

Teresa Herrero has a degree in Journalism (Complutense University – Madrid). After working in radio and press offices, she began working for Canal Sur News in 1989. Until 2001, she worked in the Culture and Society section; from 2000 to 2009, she has been responsible for the international section of Canal Sur TV. Since February 2009, she works as an editor in the program Europa Abierta, a weekly program about the European Union.

Evangelina Las Heras has a degree in Psychology and Audiovisual Communication (University of Salamanca). She has worked as a teacher at the University of Sevilla. Since 1990, she works as a producer for Canal Sur, collaborating in various programs: Solidarios, Tierra y Mar, Al Sur. She belongs to Europa Abierta team since 2005, where she works as a director.
Delphine Kluzek

2nd place: "Poor salaries" by Delphine Kluzek shown on TF1 (France)

Delphine Kluzek holds a Masters in History and a CAPES (secondary school teaching qualification) in history and geography. She taught history for two years in college before turning to the field of journalism. Graduate of the elite Journalism School of Lille in 1997, and she joined TF1 in June that year after having won the Bouygues Award. She has a 12-year career with TF1 TV news, 2 years with the General Information section, 8 years as a reporter for economy service economy, then chief of the Social Affairs section, and two years as assistant chief of society section. In 2007 she presented a news talk show on LCI TV channel (channel belongs to TF1). Double winner of Dauphine Award for the best economic report "Finland, champion for senior employment” in 2004, and "Companies who don’t relocate” in 2005.

Gabriel Butnaru 3rd place: "Endless journey" by Gabriel Butnaru shown on Radio Europa FM (Romania)

Gabriel Butnaru started working in 1991 at Radio Terra Piatra Neamt. From 1993 to 1996, while studying journalism in Bucharest, he wrote for some newspapers, before returning to audiovisual media, as a news editor of Radio Contact. In 1997, he went to the Romanian military camp in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to help building the first private Romanian radio station abroad. One year later he returned to Radio Terra as Editor-in-Chief and local correspondent for BBC Romania.
He moved to Europa FM in April 2000; since 2005 until October 2010, he was Editor-in-Chief and also conducted two educational programs: “Europa FM & JTI Scholarship” and “UBB Radio”.


Print/online winners

Steffen Stubager

1st place: "The meltdown of a nuclear city" by Steffen Stubager published in Indblik (Denmark)

Steffen Stubager is a 23 year old student at the Danish School of Journalism. Previously he has worked for one and a half years as an Intern at the Danish daily Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, and also at the public organisation Region Syddanmark.

Currently Stubager is on sabbatical from journalism school in order to travel the world and write articles of varied topics. During these travels he has worked for a short period with the national Ghanaian newspaper, The Daily Graphic.

Stubager’s articles have been published in Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, Politiken, Århus Stiftstidende, JydskeVestkysten, various smaller magazines, and most recently in the Daily Graphic (Ghana) and The Sunday Island (Sri Lanka).

Martine Hemmer

2nd place: "Debt: is it your own fault?" by Martine Hemmer published in Telecran (Luxembourg)

Martine Hemmer was born in 1977 in Luxembourg. She studied politics, media and German at the Univeristy of Trier. During this time she worked as a freelancer for the daily paper "Trierischer Volksfreund" and for different print- and TV editorial teams, for example with the ZDF in Mainz and Paris. Martine then worked on the academic staff for print and online media for the University of Trier. In 2005-2006 she completed a journalism traineeship with the "Saarbrücker Zeitung". In 2007 Martine worked on a regional development strategy for the "Lëtzebuerg West" in the framework of the European LEADER programme. Since 2008 Martine is editor of the Luxembourg TV programme "Télécran".

Petr Tresnak

3rd place: "The big cleanup of the homeless" by Petr Tresnak published in Respekt (Czech republic)

Petr Třešňák was born in 1976 in Prague. He graduated from journalism and Western European studies at the Charles University in Prague. For a short time he worked at ecological NGOs on projects related to the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union. Since 2001 he has worked at Respekt (weekly magazine) where he has managed the cultural section. Today, he mainly dedicates his work to the topics of social affairs, health and historical subjects. He has also written a script for the film Člověk proti hysterii (Man against hysteria) which is about Czech-German relationships, and has authored a preface to the memoir of the photographer Jan Reich. Since 2009 he has been vice editor-in-chief of Respekt.

The national winners:

  • Austria PDF
    • Winner print/online: Sibylle Hamann
    • Winner audiovisual: Georgia Schultze
  • Belgium PDF
    • Winners print/online: Michel Vandersmissen and Ruben Mooijman
    • Winner audiovisual: Marie-Hélène Rabier
  • Bulgaria PDF
    • Winner print/online: Georgi Gospodinov
    • Winner audiovisual: Ekaterina Kostova
  • Cyprus PDF
    • Winner print/online: Lakis Grafias Theodoulos
  • Czech Republic PDF
    • Winner print/online: Petr Třešňák
    • Winners audiovisual: Ivana Veselková and Zuzana Rejchová
  • Germany PDF
    • Winner print/online: Mario Kaiser
    • Winner audiovisual: Thomas Reutter
  • Denmark PDF
    • Winner print/online: Steffen Stubager
  • Estonia PDF
    • Winner print/online: Kärt Anvelt
    • Winner audiovisual: Kadri Kukk
  • Greece PDF
    • Winner print/online: Theodoros Nikolaou
  • Spain PDF
    • Winner print/online: Anabel Herrera
    • Winner audiovisual: Consuelo Evangelina de las Heras and Teresa Herrero
  • Finland PDF
    • Winner print/online: Linus Atarah
  • France PDF
    • Winner print/online: Laure Martin
    • Winner audiovisual: Delphine Kluzek
  • Hungary PDF
    • Winner print/online: Judit Zeisler
    • Winner audiovisual: Orsolya Mezei
  • Ireland PDF
    • Winner print/online: Conor Lally
    • Winner audiovisual: Bill Hughes and Bernadine Carraher
  • Iceland PDF
    • Winner print/online: Trausti Hafsteinsson
  • Italy PDF
    • Winner print/online: Marco Ratti
    • Winner audiovisual: Vito Giannulo, Leonardo Casalino and Leonardo Grasso
  • Lithuania PDF
    • Winner print/online: Giedrė Karsokienė
  • Luxembourg PDF
    • Winner print/online: Martine Hemmer
  • Latvia PDF
    • Winner print/online: Ieva Puķīte
    • Winner audiovisual: Diana Spinu
  • Malta PDF
    • Winner print/online: Fiona Galea Debono
    • Winner audiovisual: Brandon Pisani
  • Netherlands PDF
    • Winner print/online: Elsbeth Stoker
  • Norway PDF
    • Winner print/online: Ingvill Bryn Rambøl
    • Winners audiovisual: Per Kristian Orset and Kåre Breivik
  • Poland PDF
    • Winner print/online: Tomasz Przybysz-Przybyszewski
    • Winner audiovisual: Joanna Kreto-Wójtowicz
  • Portugal PDF
    • Winner print/online: Luis Villalobos
    • Winner audiovisual: Filomena Barros
  • Romania PDF
    • Winner print/online: Tímea Bakk-Dávid
    • Winner audiovisual: Gabriel Butnaru
  • Sweden PDF
    • Winner print/online: Hanna Welin
  • Slovenia PDF
    • Winner print/online: Boštjan Videmšek
    • Winner audiovisual: Gorazd Rečnik
  • Slovakia PDF
    • Winners print/online: Pavel Sibyla and Pavol Kubík
    • Winners audiovisual: Alexandra Dovalová and Sergej Danilov
  • United Kingdom PDF
    • Winner print/online: David Cohen
    • Winner audiovisual: Katie Stallard