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Journalist Award


In each EU Member State an independent jury will evaluate the competition entries and choose one national winner per category (one print/online press and one for audiovisual). The entries for both national winners will then be submitted to the European jury and will have the chance of winning the grand prize.

EU level Jury

The European jury will consist of 5 members, including representatives of European non-governmental organisations active in the field of fighting poverty, journalists/editors who cover social issues in Europe, and a member of the European Commission.

Daniela Vicenti-Mitchener, Managing Editor, Euractiv.com
Derek Blyth, Editor-in-Chief, The Bulletin
Freek Spinnewijn, Director FEANTSA
Nicole Huckert, European Commission Task Force for the European Year 2010
Robert Urbé, Coordinator Caritas Luxembourg and Treasurer EAPN Luxembourg

National Jury

Jury members have been selected in cooperation with the National Implementation Body in each country. The national jury will consist of about five people, and will be composed of the following:

  • The National Implementation Body
  • A national NGO representative
  • A representative of a national journalist association or a journalist/editor
  • A representative from the EC Representation in the respective

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