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Harnessing the Power of Business to Change Lives

From 30/06 to 03/07

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This year's conference, 'Harnessing the Power of Business to Change Lives' will be taking place at Fitzwilliam College at Cambridge University, 1-2 July 2010 and will be co-hosted with Social Firms Europe CEFEC.

The UK conference programme is available to download and will give you a clear idea of the opportunities and benefits attendance will provide.

European delegates have a slightly different programme which is available through the Social Firms Europe CEFEC website. Please note for European delegates, conference dates are Wednesday the 30th of June to Saturday the 3rd of July.

Now is the time to embark upon partnerships that will help realise our ambitions for people who are furthest from the labour market and for the businesses in which they work. Our external-facing conference will have both a UK and a European dimension.

Join us to celebrate and debate the power and potential of business to create jobs for those people who are amongst the most disadvantaged in our society. Harnessing the power of business to change lives sounds great. Together we can do it – join us.

This conference is relevant for social enterprises, for people working in the Social Firm sector (or interested in partnering with or starting a Social Firm) and also for service providers - people and organisations that seek to make a difference to those furthest away from the labour market.

Booking/further information:
For any queries regarding your conference booking, please contact:
CEiS Events Team
Tel.: 0141 425 2926
Fax: 0141 425 2901
Email: lynsey.johnston@ceis.org.uk Or: gill.smith@ceis.org.uk

Social Firms UK is operating the event in East of England under the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.

This is an important opportunity to highlight how Social Firms around Europe have been able to change the lives of individuals with disabilities and/or other severe disadvantages by creating real, sustainable paid employment within their businesses for a minimum of one quarter of the workforce who meet these criteria.

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

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