Féilire na n-Imeachtaí


From 25/02 to 25/03

MAREADOS is a joint project by two young Spanish artists representing opposed but complementary conceptions in the current contemporary art context. It pretends to claim the involvement of the art in the global reality. In the world crisis actual context, art inspects its own language and its mission within the society to return the humanity the consciousness of its key role at the head of the change process. Visual arts and specifically the audiovisual image codes have always been the most appropriate language for giving an aesthetic and artistic testimony of war, violence and twentieth century social revolutions. The ironic and mythic research presented through this exhibition is tackled from the academic job by Jesus Azogue on digital media. It introduces us in a virtual and parallel reality opposed to the baroque materiality and the incisive iconography of the exhibits by Juan Antonio Rodriguez – JARR. The hope around the “Yes we can” slogan becomes apparent in an art that offers its own alternatives to the CRISIS: the creation of another reality (Azogue) or the recycling of the reality (JARR). The project gives the art a positive mission / vision using as its basis the arts and new technologies in order to generate a space where the spectator interacts and moves between real, artistic and virtual world. In this exhibition, both art works and voices cohabitate. JARR’s artistic research, based in objectivity and recycling actions, is unified to the digital intervention discourse of Jesus Azogue.

Organised by: Maison d'Art Actuel

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Contacts: imartinez@delcomval.be; egrafulla@delcomval.be

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