Social Practices and Innovations against Exclusion in Europe

From 02/12 to 03/12

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This event intends to bring unique perspective to the key issues in reforming and assessing social protection systems, in light of developments in international and European issues.

The Speakers

The conference will bring together local authorities, civil society players from France and Europe (association heads, universities, etc.) and professionals in local-level social action, from Val-de-Marne and the European Member Countries.


As a result of the economic crisis, employment has deteriorated significantly, when it is, throughout Europe, the first means of keeping poverty and exclusion at arm’s length. This situation threatens to heighten poverty, instability and protection for social rights and, thereby, raises stark questions as to our ability to jugulate the social divide and craft public policies capable of addressing today’s economic and social issues. Moreover, while social protection systems are a key part of guaranteeing social cohesion, they are being challenged all across Europe

In light of this, official social action can be seen as a means of addressing (and mobilising) individuals or groups who remain vulnerable, despite the action taken by social protection systems. In this regard, it can be seen as a necessary supplement to the said social protection systems and their shortcomings. This implies, also, that it should be able to evolve, so as to take into account the magnifier effects of the crisis and the changes seen or sought in the social protection systems. This is why questions are now being raised as to the limitations that impinge on social action and the changes needed therein. Official action in the social arena must be questioned and reviewed if we are to bring new solutions to the fore.


Address: Maison départementale des Syndicats Michel-Germa, 11-13 rue des Archives, 94000 Créteil

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