Promoting Adequate Income and Dignity in Old Age through Civil Dialogue

From 07/12 to 07/12

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AGE Platform Europe is delighted to invite you to the seminar on "Promoting Adequate Income and Dignity in Old Age through Civil Dialogue" which will take place on 7 December 2010 at the Committee of Regions in Brussels.

AGE Platform Members have been actively engaged in promoting adequacy of old-age income – including minimum income schemes – in the framework of the 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. We call upon EU governments and the European Commission to commit in favour of adequate statutory pensions and minimum income schemes as a fundamental right to decent life and personal dignity in old age.

The seminar will be an opportunity to discuss with European stakeholders how to achieve this  commitment and ensure that old-age income will guarantee universal access to essential services, such as quality health and long-term care, education and long-life learning or decent housing, and will allow older people’s social integration through leisure, social activities, civic participation etc.

In order to meet older people’s needs to live in dignity, the seminar debate will be based on direct testimonies from older persons from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Italy, Poland and Slovakia.  The seminar will present the results of ‘INCLUSage Project – Debating Older People’s Needs’ lead by AGE Platform Europe’s members. The project aim is to promote a broad civil dialogue on ageing issues – involving stakeholders from all levels – as a way to combat poverty and ensure social inclusion among older people.


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