Eurochild’s 7th annual conference, Brighter futures - Building effective partnerships to end child poverty

From 03/11 to 05/11

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2010 is the European Year against poverty and social exclusion. Child poverty is on the top of the political agenda. Eurochild – a European network of organisations promoting the rights and welfare of children in Europe – takes the opportunity of its 7th annual conference to look at how all stakeholders can work together to end child poverty.  The conference is co-hosted by the Regional Development Council of Örebro, member of Eurochild.

Children have the highest stake in an inclusive, prosperous Europe. Poverty and social exclusion are a denial of children’s rights, which can undermine their development and limit the realisation of their full potential. Ending child poverty is the most effective means of achieving long-term social cohesion and equality.

This conference has three overarching objectives:

  • In the framework of EY2010 against poverty and social exclusion, highlight the importance of EU efforts in helping member states fight child poverty and social exclusion, and bring suggestions of how this effort can be reinforced in the future.
  • Demonstrate why investment in children and families must remain a top political priority, even in times of scarce public finances.
  • Show practical examples of working together to end child poverty and how this leads to better outcomes for children.  This includes demonstrating cooperation between NGOs, local/regional authorities and other service providers; the role of researchers; and the benefits of direct involvement of children and families.

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