Getting to grips with energy poverty - a workshop during the 2010 European Sustainable Energy Week

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While the European Union is completing its single energy market, recent studies suggest that energy poverty is a situation an increasing number of households is facing.

Energy poverty implies the combinaison of 3 factors: low household income, poor heating and insulation standards and unaffordable energy prices. The economic crisis and structurally increasing energy prices will negatively act on those factors.

The number of people suffering from energy poverty might increase and beyond their inability to pay energy bills, they face high levels of debt, disconnection, physical and mental health problems and social exclusion (eviction). Solutions are being developed on the ground, the most successful being the ones developed within an integrated approach, putting together all actors working on all factors of energy poverty.

What are the figures about fuel poverty? How can local stakeholders break this vicious circle? What are the replicable solutions developed at the local level ? What are the European levers to promote them?

Organise by: CECODHAS-HOUSING EUROPE and the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN)

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Contact: julien.dijol@cecodhas.org