Národní setkání lidí žijících v chudobě

From 15/04 to 16/04

The goal of the event is to identify needs of the 11 target groups: homeless people, people experiencing social exclusion because of poverty and their ethnic origin, immigrants, victims of crimes, people addicted to drugs etc.

Their needs will be found out by some interactive activities and discussions. Three EY 2010 ambassadors will be present at this event. The results of this meeting will be presented at the press conference which will take place in May 19, 2010 in Prague. Four representatives will report at the meeting of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion in Brussels in June 2010.

This meeting is the peak event during the National Focus Week in the Czech Republic. It is organised by partners united as NAPSI (National Action Plan of Social Inclusion).

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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