Article 1: Eligibility and category

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • You must be a student in a school of art and/or design in the European Union (+ Iceland and Norway) OR
  • You must be an NGO or field organisation working with people experiencing poverty
  • You must form a trio - student, NGO and person experiencing poverty
  • Groups of students are accepted (when registering, give contact details for one person in the group)
  • You have until 15 October to upload your files

Article 2: photo and technical

Article 3: Preselection and Criteria
The organising team will carry out a preselection of the uploaded photos based on compliance with articles 1 and 2 but also on compliance with article 6.

Article 4: Registration
Registration is free of charge.
In order to register, you should: complete the registration form, read and accept the rules, and the rights authorisations, and upload your photo(s).

Article 5: Legal responsibility of the creator
Each co-creator is responsible for the content of their artwork.

Article 6: Copyright
The participants declare themselves co-creators of their artworks and retain the rights to their work.
Participants must be sure to have the authorisation of any person they have photographed (fill in the document transferring image rights).

Article 7: Right to use participating works
The participants assign to the European Commission the right to use their work as part of the framework of the European Year 2010 and in all media (website, publications, exhibition, unsold postcards, etc). The European Commission undertakes to name the participants every time their work is used.

Article 8: Rules acceptance
By submitting their entry form and their artworks, the participants acknowledge that they have read and accepted the rules.