What is it about?

Every day across Europe schools are using digital technologies for teaching and learning in new and exciting ways. However, integrating technology can be complex and works best when the whole school community is involved.

SELFIE ("Self-reflection on effective learning by fostering innovation through educational technology") is a new tool being developed by the European Commission with a team of experts to help schools assess where they are at in using technology to support teachers and students. 

The SELFIE tool is based on the framework for digitally competent organisations which sets out seven areas which need to be addressed when using digital technologies, e.g. leadership and governance practices, infrastructure, content and curriculum and teacher training. 

How does it work?

Teachers, students and school leaders (e.g. principals, deputy principals, subject heads) respond to a series of questions and statements about how technology is being used in their school.

Each school can customise the tool adding questions to suit their context. Each school gets a personalised report on where they stand as regards digital technologies for learning. This can help start a dialogue within the school community on ways to improve. Progress can be measured over time. 

All data from SELFIE is anonymous and cannot be tracked to individual students or teachers. Each school is the owner of its SELFIE report which is not shared with others. 

What has been achieved so far?

A first version of the SELFIE tool was developed in 2017 in cooperation with 5000 school leaders, teachers and students. This was piloted in 650 schools in 14 countries (Spain, Italy, Estonia, Belgium [Flanders], Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Finland, Serbia and Georgia and UK [Northern Ireland] during September and October 2017.

What are the next steps?

The tool is being improved based on feedback from the pilot countries. In 2018 SELFIE will be extended to cover more countries and more languages.

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