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Science in Europe

Across Europe, there are lots of different initiatives and competitions in science.

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Photo competition

We are excited to announce the winners of the photo competition! 

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Staying safe in Europe

In general, Europe is a safe place to study and live in. As with all countries, it's good to use your common to ensure you stay safe.

Read our top tips on staying safe in Europe

What to pack

Passport, Visa, important documents...what else should you pack for your European study experience?

Check out these top tips on what to pack

How to be environmentally friendly

It's easy to make small differences to your daily routine, that have a positive effect on both the planet, and your wallet.

Read these tips on how to be environmentally friendly

Tips on general wellbeing

To ensure you get the most out of your study programme, and the fully enjoy your experience, it's important to look after your general wellbeing.

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Weather across Europe in summer

Whatever the season, the weather in Europe can differ dramatically. Read our guide to what summer can be like across the continent.

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Europe on a budget

There are hundreds of activities, tours and places to visit across the continent that are free or cost very little.

Read these tips on how to enjoy Europe on a budget

Student film competition

We’re very pleased to announce the winners of our Study in Europe film competition!

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LGBT Europe

By international standards, many countries in Europe are welcoming, friendly places for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

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Webinar series

Here you can find the recordings of the online presentations that are currently being delivered by European National Agencies and Higher Education Institutions during the Webinar Series in Russia throughout March 2017.

See the webinars here

Food across Europe

There are many amazing reasons to come and study in Europe, and one of the biggest attractions has to be the wonderful array of food on offer.

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Taking a course in English?

If you're not a native speaker, the idea of taking a degree programme taught in English can be daunting... fortunately help is at hand!

Brush up on your English with the British Council's "LearnEnglish" site



Top 10 tips for staying cool at exam time

Top 10 tips for staying cool at exam time

Let’s face it, few people enjoy exams… but with a little preparation you can stay cool!

Here are our top tips to help you get through exam period


The essential guide to making friends when you study abroad

The essential guide to making friends when you study abroad

Studying abroad in Europe is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make friends with people from different countries and cultures.

Here are our 5 essential tips on making friends

Weather across Europe

From basking on the beach in the sunshine, to snowball fights in deepest winter, here are our top tips for making the most of Europe’s weather.

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