Student film competition:

'I love studying in Europe because...' 

Thanks to everyone who submitted a film in the Study in Europe student film competition, we received many fantastic entries from students all around the world studying across many different countries in Europe.

How were the films judged? 

A judging panel comprised of judges from the European Commission, the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association and a number of European national promotion agencies selected 26 winning films in which students showed why they love studying in Europe.  The judges felt that those selected best showed the benefits of studying in Europe, what Europe has to offer and why it is a great place to be.  Many congratulations to the winning filmmakers, who are listed below.  

The films

We have created a montage of clips taken from some of the 26 winning films.  Take a look at the film below.  We hope you enjoy watching it and seeing what Europe can offer you...

Who won?

 Here are the winning filmmakers: 

         Name of filmmaker Country of study Home country
1 Kevin Piperal Estonia Korea
2 Davide Patruno Portugal Italy
3 Anna Mara Hrgetic Vitols  Croatia Venezuela
4 Scarlett Bertrand Hungary France
5 Naomi Kroll Germany Australia
6 Anton Yeshchenko Italy Estonia
7 Anoudeth Phanvilay Hungary Laos
8 Dimas Presetyo UK Indonesia
9 Marcus Araújo Portugal Brazil
10 Ayumi Yuasa UK USA
11 Orestis Millios Czech Republic Greece
12 Shayan Shahpasand Germany Iran
13 Sunatullo Kurbonov Latvia Tajikistan
14 Daaniya Sulliman UK Mauritius
15 Michael Poniros Greece Greece
16 Aleksandra Petrova Belgium Russia
17 Ronald Saraswat Ireland India
18  Ann Bazhenova Czech Republic Ukraine
19 Sofia Gaspar France / Italy Argentina
20 Antony Costa Belgium Portugal
21 Ashwin Jayakumar Spain India
22 Giuliana Calia Italy Italy
23 Vasilis Dimokas Greece Greece
24 Gabriel Mello Fernandes Germany Brazil
25 Emily Malkin Denmark UK
26 Sayon Nandi Lithuania  India

Take a look at the montage to see if you can spot your film!

Feel free to share the film with your friends and family on your social media accounts.