Erasmus+ Programme - Annual Report 2014

This report covers the first year of implementation of Erasmus+, the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.

Erasmus statistics from 2013-2014

In January 2016, European Commission published figures on the last academic year (2013/14) of the Erasmus programme, which covered higher education mobility and cooperation projects under the former Lifelong Learning programme (2007-2013), part of Erasmus+.

Erasmus Impact Study: Regional Analysis

The Regional Impact Analysis of the Erasmus programme builds on the Erasmus Impact Study published in 2014 and looks how an Erasmus mobility changes a student's skills and job prospects.

Erasmus+ country factsheets

Flag of Austria

Austria pdf

Flag of la Czech Republic

Czech Republic pdf

Flag of la FYROM


Flag of Ireland

Ireland pdf

Flag of Luxembourg

Luxembourg pdf

Flag of Portugal

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Flag of Sweden

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Flag of Belgium

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Flag of Denmark

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Flag of Romania

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Flag of Estonia

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Flag of Latvia

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Flag of Netherlands

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Flag of Slovakia

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Flaf of United Kingdom

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Flag of Croatia

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Flag of Hungary

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Flag of Lithuania

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Flag of Noway

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Flag of Slovenia

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Flag of Cyprus

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Flag of France

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Flag of Liechtenstein

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Flag of Spain

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Erasmus Milestones

Previous statistics

The Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) has a variety of statistical information available on its past and present initiatives, including the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Erasmus statistics from 2012-2013

In July 2014 the European Commission published statistics from the Erasmus programme during the 2012-2013 academic year. They include:

Erasmus statistics from 2010 to the present are available in the document library, with statistics from previous years available below.

Erasmus Infographics

Erasmus statistics from previous years

Academic year   zip or pdfs
2011-2012 link to library zip (7.74 Mb)
2010-2011 link to library zip (6.07 Mb)
2009-2010 pdf (11.69 Mb) zip (10.14 Mb)
2008-2009 pdf(2.03 Mb) zip (2.67 Mb)
2007-2008 pdf (2.55 Mb) zip (1.14 Mb)
2006-2007 pdf (1,9Mb) zip (510 kB)
2005-2006 pdf (1.66 Mb) zip (267 kB)
2004-2005 pdf (1.63 Mb) zip (257 kB)
Statistics not grouped by year
Country statistics from 2000-2012 pdf (2.7 Mb) zip (1.16 Mb)
Aggregates, time series, and university cooperation link to library zip (10.49 Mb)
Information about the budget pdf (1.67 Mb) zip (265 kB)
Erasmus Intensive Language Course pdf (1.65 Mb) zip (278 kB)

Leonardo da Vinci statistics