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Strategic framework – Education & Training 2020

What is the EU's role in education & training?

Each EU country is responsible for its own education and training systems, so EU policy is designed to support national action and help address common challenges, such as ageing societies, skills deficits in the workforce, and global competition.

The EU offers a forum for exchange of best practices, gathering and dissemination of information and statistics, as well as advice and support for policy reforms.

In order to ensure the successful implementation of ET2020, the EU also relies on Working Groups composed of experts nominated by member countries and other key stakeholders. This work is part of a broader cooperation, known as the Open Method of Coordination, which aims to promote mutual learning, exchange of good practices, fostering national reforms and developing EU-level tools.

Funding is also available for activities that promote learning and education at all levels and for all age groups.

Through the strategic framework for education and training, EU countries have identified four common objectives to address these challenges by 2020:

What has been done so far?

In 2014, the Commission and Member States engaged in a stocktaking exercise to assess progress made since 2012 and help prepare the next priorities for cooperation in education at European level.

The following contributions have been received as part of the stocktaking exercise:

  • ET 2020 National Reports 
  • ET 2020 independent evaluation by contractor Ecorys
  • The annual Education, Training and Youth Forum (9-10 October 2014)
  • Stakeholders input
What is next?

The following EU benchmarks for 2020 have been set for education:

Progress on these benchmarks is assessed in each EU country through a yearly country analysis, with the EU also providing recommendations.

Drawing on the conclusions from the stocktaking, a 2015 Joint Report will identify key priority areas and concrete issues for future work at the European level. The Joint Report is expected to be adopted at the November 2015 Education Council.


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