Based on consultations with main stakeholders, the mandate of the Working Group on Vocational Education and Training (VET WG) covers the theme: "Teachers and trainers in work-based learning/ apprenticeships". The VET WG is committed to contribute to two of the Riga Medium-Term Deliverables:

  • Promoting work-based learning (WBL) in all its forms with special attention to apprenticeships,
  • Supporting initial and continuous professional development of VET T&T. It also responds to the needs recognised in bringing forward national policies/ approaches and European cooperation.

The work of the VET WG is underpinned by a study: "Teachers and trainers in work-based learning/apprenticeships - Mapping of models and practices". The study is currently being finalised and it presents a mapping and analyses of existing approaches and project examples with regard to WBL teachers and trainers at national, EU and transnational level in three areas:

  • Governance structures which aim to ensure high competence of teachers and trainers in WBL;
  • Professionalisation opportunities for teachers and trainers in WBL/apprenticeships;
  • Continuous dialogue between teachers and trainers with the aim to improve the quality of WBL.

The mandate of the working group contains more information on the activities of the group.

The pathway to key messages

The main aim of the group is to prepare policy guidance to help policy-makers and other stakeholders design policies and practices to enable teachers and trainers to reach their full potential and to contribute to improving apprenticeships and work-based learning. Policy pointers related to teachers and trainers in the field of governance and partnerships and continuing professional development will be the output of this VET WG.

Meetings take place in Brussels or in host countries where 'peer learning' activities are organised on a topic agreed by the group.  These events give the members a chance to meet and to share examples of good practice and discuss common challenges. (Webinars are organised in preparation of the meetings (27th April, 20-21st September 2016, 26th April 2017 and 27th September 2017).


Timeline - Click to enlarge


22-23 February 2016 - 1st Working Group meeting

Discussions and agreement on the mandate, objectives and deliverables of the WG.

13-14 June 2016 -  2nd meeting

Mapping of the existing situation and come to a general understanding of the topic.

21-22 November 2016 Policy Learning Forum with Cedefop - 3rd meeting

PLF on developing teachers and trainers’ competences for better learners’ skills in VET.

Exchange on the format and content of the output of the first working area of the WG's mandate: cooperation and partnerships in apprenticeships/WBL in relation to teachers and trainers.

20-21 February 2017 - 4th meeting

Receive updates on new developments at EU level and relevant findings from latest research. Further discuss and refine the draft final output of the first working area. Take the first steps to develop a communication plan for the output and initial discussion regarding the output of the second working area of the WG: quality, provision and attractiveness of CPD. During the meeting, Cedefop presented the results of the study: "Leaving education early: putting VET centre stage". The question of what teachers and trainers need to do to tackle early leaving is also addressed in the report. Preliminary findings of the on-going study, "Trainers in WBL/apprenticeships - Mapping of models and practices" were presented.

13-14 June 2017 - 5th meeting

Presentation of the final results from the study. Discussions on the draft policy pointers and relevant country examples illustrating these policy pointers.  Further development of the progress model.

5-6 September 2017 - 6th meeting +PLA in Bonn (DE)

Qualification programmes for in-company trainers. On-site visit to an inter-company training centre plus further discussion on the draft output document.

22 November 2017 - Joint meeting with members of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships and the ET 2020 WG on VET

Apprenticeships in the digital age: Are we ready for the future? Both groups had the opportunity to discuss key challenges and opportunities related to digitalisation, how it is impacting on the nature of apprenticeships and how to best equip teachers and trainers to deal with these changes.

1-2 February 2018 - 8th  meeting
Further development of the output document with a particular focus on the country examples. Discussions on the communication strategy, presentation of the forthcoming PLA in the Netherlands and the final dissemination conference in June 2018.

25 - 27 March 2018 PLA (NL) – 9th meeting
Final report including policy pointers
On-site visit: Practice- driven learning pathways

18-19 June 2018 – Final conference of the WG on VET
Dissemination activities

Members of the group

Each country nominated their experts, and civil society organisations are chosen through an open selection process. The group has 48 members:

  • Experts from national administrations specialising in VET (most come from national education ministries). Experts are from EU Member States, candidate countries and EFTA countries. 
  • Social partners (employers and trade unions).
  • International organisations
  • Civil society organisations working in the field of professional training.


If you have any questions about the group please email the group coordinator.