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Promoting effective digital-age learning

*A European Framework for Digitally Competent Educational Organisations



Education organisations can use DigCompOrg as a tool in their self-assessment and as a guide in their progress towards effective use of digital learning technologies

Policy makers can use DigCompOrg for strategic planning and promoting of comprehensive policies for the uptake of digital learning technologies by educational organisations at regional, national and European level

*A European Framework for Digitally Competent Educational Organisations

Collaboration &

An education organisation offers the necessary tools, infrastructure and support systems to develop a culture of connected learning that extends beyond the institutional walls and promotes the kind of anytime, anywhere learning necessary for digital learning environments to thrive

Assessment practices

Assessment formats should be engaging and motivating. A variety of assessment formats is used to provide timely, personalised and meaningful feedback that engages and motivates students

Teaching & Learning

Digital competence of an education organisation should be promoted, benchmarked and assessed. Staff and students should demonstrate the digital competence required to effectively use digital technologies for teaching, learning, assessment and leadership


An education organisation facilitates and invests in the continuous, comprehensive and customised professional development of its staff at all levels in order to develop and integrate new modes of teaching and learning that harness digital learning technologies to achieve more comprehensive learning outcomes

Sector specific elements

Because education organisations are different DigCompOrg provides the flexibility of adding other sector-specific elements of what it means to be a competent digital organisation


An education institution ensures that due attention is paid to the design and organisation of learning spaces so that their utility is aligned with intended teaching and learning activities

Content & Curricula

An education organisation expects, facilitates and encourages the use of suitable, high-quality and customised digital content that is accessible from everywhere, to meet staff and students needs wherever and whenever teaching and learning takes place

Leadership & Governance

Factors that foster effective learning, including the integration and organisation-wide use of digital learning technologies, should be clearly embedded, in statements of the mission, vision and strategy of an education organisation

*A European Framework for Digitally Competent Educational Organisations

*A European Framework for Digitally Competent Educational Organisations