Education and Training Monitor 2016 is set to be released on 7 November

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What is it?

The Education and Training Monitor is an annual series that captures the evolution of Europe's education and training systems by bringing together a wide array of evidence in one digestible report.

The Education and Training Monitor 2015 puts the spotlight on education priorities most in need of investment and identifies policies that help improve the inclusiveness, quality and relevance of Europe's education and training systems.

Why is it needed?

Since 2012 the Education and Training Monitor has grown into an indispensable reference tool for the European education community, keeping track of priorities under the ET 2020 cooperation framework Choose translations of the previous link , and contributing to the broader Europe 2020 strategy with its headline target for education Choose translations of the previous link .

The report will be one of the main sources underpinning the Commission's analysis of education challenges and policy developments in the 2016 European Semester.

What has been done so far?

The Commission published the fourth annual edition of the Education and Training Monitor in November 2015. The full report, including a ten-page summary that combines cross-national and country-specific findings, can be downloaded herepdf(3.91 Mb). An overview of results regarding EU targets for 2020 is also availablepdf(251 kB) Deutsch (de) English (en) français (fr) .

The Education and Training Monitor 2015 is accompanied by twenty-eight in-depth country reports that complement the cross-national analysis with country-specific data and information on policy measures and the latest reforms. A set of one-page summaries of the country reports can be downloaded herepdf(3.75 Mb).

Various interactive maps have been created to evaluate the performance and progress of the Member States in relation to the ET 2020 targets.

Finally, additional contextual indicators are provided by the Eurydice Network and JRC's Centre for Research on Education and Lifelong Learning (CRELL). Links to this background material can be found below.

Education and Training Monitor 2015

The 2015 Education and Training Monitorpdf(3.91 Mb) English (en)
Flag of the European Unionpdf(3.91 Mb) English (en)
The 2015 Country Reportspdf(4 Mb) English (en)
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