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Policy dialogue with specific regions and countries around the world

What is it?

The EU has established a number of policy dialogue fora on higher education policy with countries and regions outside of the EU.

These talks bring together senior officials from the EU and from the specific country/region, and experts on the area concerned.

Conferences, seminars, and studies on specific topics usually takes place in connection with the policy dialogue fora.

Why is it needed?

Through policy dialogue, the EU exchanges best practice, increases cooperation and, in some cases, supports the partner country or region in their efforts to reform higher education.

In broader terms, policy dialogue should pave the way for increased cooperation and mobility between the EU and partner countries/regions.

Partner regions

EU neighbouring countries

  • Cooperation through education, training, is key to building closer connections within the Eastern and Southern Partnerships.

Western Balkans


  • The Commission strengthens links in higher education with Africa via the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership.
  • The Joint Africa-EU Strategy emphasises the importance of building high-quality tertiary capacity through networking, increasing the mobility of students and scholars, and promoting institutional support and innovation. 

Partner countries


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