Policy context  

Over the last decade the EU and China have been closely cooperating in the areas of education & training, culture, multilingualism and youth. Cooperation consisted of regular policy dialogues at government level, as well as concrete outputs in terms of joint projects and events.

Since 2012 all these activities have been integrated under the EU-China High Level People-to-People Dialogue (HPPD), the third pillar of EU-China relations, complementing the other two pillars – the High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue and the High Level Strategic Dialogue.

The HPPD is the overarching mechanism which accommodates all EU-China joint initiatives in the field of people to people exchanges. These initiatives stem from the conclusions of leaders' dialogues and senior officials' meetings where long-term objectives are set, best practice is exchanged and areas for future cooperation are explored.

The HPPD should help build mutual trust and consolidate intercultural understanding between EU and China.

Policy dialogue

14 November 2017

EU-China HPPD, Shanghai

11 October 2016

China-EU Education Ministers Conference, Beijing

5 September 2015

EU-China HPPD 1, Brussels

29 June 2015

17th EU-China Summit, Brussels

6 September 2014

EU-China HPPD, Beijing

March/April 2014

Visit of President Xi Jinping, Brussels

25 November 2013

EU-China Expert Seminar on Youth Entrepreneurship, Brussels

21 November 2013

16th EU-China Summit, Beijing

25 April 2013

Higher Education Platform for Cooperation and Exchanges, Brussels

November 2012

HPPD Forum, Brussels

18 April 2012

EU-China HPPD, Brussels