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Register an Organisation

To participate in proposals and projects, you must register your organisation first.

After registration, a unique identifier is assigned to your organisation

This is the 9-digit PIC (Participant Identification Code) number that will be used as a reference by the Commission in any future interactions. A single registration is required for each organisation in the system.

Please keep the legal data of the organisation and programme related information at hand. You can check the information you will need for the registration in the documentation of the call for proposals. Please note that you have to register your organisation before submitting a project application.

You can pause the registration process at any time and continue it later. The system automatically saves your draft registration and will keep it until you complete it or for up to one year after its last edit.

How to update your organisation data?

Modify registered data

If the Validation Services have not started the validation of your data yet:

To modify the data of your organisation, click the My Organisations option in the Organisations menu, then click the ED button next to the name of your organisation.

Upload supporting documents

If the Validation Services have already started the validation process:

You are able to upload additional documents up to 10 MB. Once uploaded, these documents may not be withdrawn or modified.

Modify validated data

If your data has been validated by the Validation Services:

Only the Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) (or a person with the Account Administrative role for your organisation) is authorised to request organisation data modifications and provide the supporting documents via the My Organisations option in the Organisations menu.