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Opportunities for staff

What is it?

Erasmus+ provides staff with the opportunity to learn new methods of teaching and training abroad, as well as the opportunity to develop lasting international networks with other vocational education and training institutions.

What does it involve?

Vocational education and training professionals can take part in professional development programmes abroad in the following forms:

  • Participation in training;
  • Traineeship in a workplace/enterprise or in a teaching/training institution;
  • Job shadowing/observation in a teaching/training institution, or another relevant organisation;
  • Teaching assignment at a partner institution.

These activities can last from two days to two months, or even up to a year in some cases.

Who can take part?

The following vocational professionals from participating countries can take part:

  • Leaders of vocational education and training institutions;
  • Teachers;
  • In-company trainers;
  • Training managers;
  • Guidance counsellors;
  • Administrators.

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