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Cooperation with business

What is it for?

VET systems respond to sector-specific labour market needs through Sector Skills Alliances (SSAs). The SSAs design and deliver joint curricula and methods, drawn from evidence of skills needs and trends.

What does it involve?

Cooperation with business will involve the following:

  • The design and delivery of curricula which respond to the needs of the labour market;
  • The delivery of VET content in ways which respond to the needs of the learners and of the sectors, including Open Educational Resources and Practices and innovative use of ICT;
  • Targeted dissemination of SSAs results to VET policy-makers, enterprises, and guidance counsellors.
Who can take part?
  • VET providers
  • Organisations with sector-specific expertise (including social partners, federations and chambers)
  • Bodies responsible for qualifications/certification/accreditation
How to apply?

Applicants should apply by responding to the yearly call for proposals. Applications sould be submitted to the Education, Audiovisual an Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).


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