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Cooperation between institutions/schools

What is it?

Erasmus+ provides opportunities for the development of partnerships with schools and organisations across Europe to improve standards and the quality of teaching and learning.

These "Strategic Partnerships" allow partners to work together on issues of shared interest during 2-3 years to introduce innovative practice and/or engage in new forms of co-operation with partners from different fields.

What does it involve?

The following opportunities exist for schools and other organisations:

  • Joint projects on issues of shared interest and relevance with the possibility of cross-sectoral co-operation to improve teaching and learning;
  • Partnerships between local and regional authorities, schools and other organisations that establish international links and give school issues more weight in local government;
  • School partnerships on issues of shared interest with possibilities of teacher, class and pupil exchanges.
Who can take part?
  • Schools (pre-primary through to secondary level);
  • Local and regional institutions responsible for school education;
  • Any organisation active in the field of school education (some activities are reserved to schools and local/regional authorities).

Applying institutions must be from a Programme Country.

How to apply?

Further information on the application process is available from the National Agency websites.