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Cooperation between schools: eTwinning

What is it?

The Erasmus+ programme's support for online cooperation between schools, known as eTwinning, provides the opportunity for exchanges between teaching staff or cooperation opportunities on projects, as well as an online forum, free tools, and support for networking with European colleagues.

What does it involve?

eTwinning provides opportunities for teachers and other school staff from different countries to work together on projects. Teachers can also access online tools and learning materials, network with colleagues and take part in workshops and communities of practice.

eTwinning helps schools to create a welcoming environment for cross-cultural cooperation for pupils, teachers and staff.

Who can take part?

Teachers and other school staff at schools in participating countries (pre-primary to upper secondary level) can sign up to use eTwinning.

Info & contact

To sign up for eTwinning or to find out more, visit the eTwinning portal or the site of the National Support Service in your country.


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