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Jean Monnet - Cooperation between organisations

What is it?

Jean Monnet supports associations that have as their explicit purpose to contribute to the study of the European integration process. Such associations should be interdisciplinary and open to all interested professors, teachers and researchers specialising in European Union issues in the relevant country or region. They should be representative of the academic community in European Union studies at national, regional or supranational level. Support will be given only to associations that are officially registered and have independent legal status.

What does it involve?

Over the lifetime of the grant, associations may typically realise a broad range of activities, such as for example:

  • organise and carry out statutory activities of associations dealing with European Union studies and European Union issues (e.g. the publication of a newsletter, the setting up of a dedicated website, the organisation of the annual board meeting, the organisation of specific promotional events aimed at providing greater visibility to European Union subjects etc.)
  • publicise European Union facts among a wider public enhancing active citizenship.
Who can take part?

Any association of professors and researchers specialising in European Union Studies, established in any country of the world. The explicit purpose of the association must be to contribute to the study of the European integration process at national or transnational level. The association must have an interdisciplinary character.

Some 100 Associations and 10 Institutions will be able to contribute to the EU image by the end of 2020.


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