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Erasmus+ Master Loans

What is it?

Erasmus+ Master Loans allow students to apply for support for their Master's studies abroad. Loans will be offered by participating banks and student loan agencies on favorable conditions to mobile students, including better than market interest rates and up to two years to allow graduates to get into a job before beginning repayment

The loan scheme will be established in cooperation with the European Investment Bank Group and will be gradually rolled out across the Erasmus+ programme countries over the first few years of the programme.

Who can apply?

Higher education students who have been accepted for a full Master's study programme in another Erasmus+ Programme Country can apply for a loan to contribute to their costs

How much can i borrowed?

Up to €12,000 for a one-year Master's course or up to €18,000 for a two-year Master's course.

Video contribution

Testimonial by Stefan Jahnke, President of the Erasmus Student Network, on new opportunities for students with Erasmus+ programme.

Where to apply?

The Student Loan Guarantee Facility will begin operation in mid-2015, with a gradual roll-out across the Erasmus+ programme countries. Students should apply directly to participating banks or student loan agencies, a list of which will be published on this site when these are in place. In the meantime, see under “find out more” or contact your Erasmus+ National Agency.



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